Episodes 31-2 of Eureka Seven – Humanity, Duty and Obedience


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Episode 31 of Eureka Seven marked the moment of first contact and with it the beginning of the alien-centric plotline that appears to define the remainder of the series. The true nature of the human antagonists is shown as Dewey orders a preliminary attack on the Coralians knowing it will fail, in order to make his armies look better when they bail out the beleaguered defenders of the town that is targeted. What these revelations serve to do is undermine what has so far been assumed to be the case, and change Eureka’s position within the story. As the apparent emissary of the Coralians, she has remained distant from humanity’s main interaction with them; her relationship with Renton and Holland has emphasised, in its own way, the importance of family and love. Meanwhile, the apparent diametric opposite of the protagonists (in the form of the Federation, Dewey and Anemone) makes its first move against the Coralians with force.