Super Fanicom Super Fanzine issue 1! Joy!

Super Fanicom has a fanzine now! Holy crap!

I was trying to think of a hot summer jam to get this party started, but realized there’s nothing better for the occasion than the Gatchaman CROWDS OP:

Now let that run while you party with us. Imagine balloons or swimming pools filled with champaigne and lonely people — whatever gets your party brain to throbbing.

Here’s the whole story. Back in 2013 Cuchlann had the opportunity to work on old, early 20th century fanzines (sf/f stuff). It was fascinating because they’re basically exactly the same as what we’re doing here online. Between blog posts and comment threads, all the content was there, duplicated in letters pages and articles and editorials. Pontifus, meanwhile, was considering ways to write online without, you know, writing online — that is, without the baggage that blog posts have. These two threads of thought came together delightfully. Gatchaman CROWDS was a natural subject for the first issue of the fanzine, since it’s about digital distribution methods anyway, and both your heroic editors felt it would make for really good essays, bigger than a blog post, shorter than a book. And it did!

The title is, of course, the Super Fanicom Super Fanzine. What else would we call it?

Our first contributors are:

Raymond Webster / R042, writes “‘Checks and Balances’ — Gatchaman CROWDS, Privatisation and Solutionism”

Emily Rand / AJtheFourth, who at publication (of this post) has as her most recent piece more about Gatchaman. We knew she was a great choice! She writes on “Who Put the Gatchaman in Gatchaman CROWDS?” 

Greg Conley / Cuchlann writes “Cyberpunk Crowds — a Contextual History.”

Here are versions of the zine in several file formats:

Kindle-friendly .mobi

Nook-friendly .epub

A pdf for the rest of us.

We hope you enjoy it!