Hyouka’s hidden revolutionary ethics

Have you ever wondered why Hyouka’s plot is in distinct pieces, often not even connecting one to another? Have you wondered about the significance of Ibara (who, on the surface, is entirely pointless?), or why Chitanda is rich? The story could function without Chitanda’s family money, after all. Hyouka’s mystery, its hidden sign and significance, are obvious when you begin to actually pay attention.



Toradora: the myth, the legend — the jousting?

Way back in the first Voice Module, Pontifus challenged me to apply mythology to Toradora!  I am here today to accept that challenge, no matter how many souls I destroy in my mad quest for the perfect explanation.   This is definitely exploratory writing, so I have no idea if I’ll arrive at any kind of useful conclusion by the essay’s end, but we’ll just find out, won’t we?