A Bride’s Story, Vol 1: Living Takes Time


& thus I unexpectedly embarked upon a multi-post journey through the volumes of Kaoru Mori’s A Bride’s Story.  If you are unfamiliar with the overall gist, here it is: 19th century clan in central Asia sends girl (Amir) to wed boy (Karluk) from another clan in another town.  Amir is eight years Karluk’s senior, which they both discover the day of their wedding.  Life ensues.

I am so happy that I picked this up.  I looked at the cover (“Hey, cool! Wonder if I could make that dress…”), read the description (“Oooo, struggles with identity!”), & then proceeded to lose myself in the awesomeness (YURTS!)



Super Fanicom and the Crisis of the World-Altering Follicles

To those who don’t know about the site’s unofficially official mascot, The Beard is just that; a mass of facial hair grown to proportions most of you don’t like to see, let alone discuss about. But to us it is the catalyst of mankind and his inner workings. Each strand’s length and tensile strength chronicles humanity’s evolution and its plethora of thought processes, masterfully managed by the blessed man that lets the balance hang in the glorious chin of his face.


Growing Up in Worlds of Fictional Men


Yeah, I’ll leave it at that.

Many moons ago, I posted about Cardcaptor Sakura & gender.  Now, I’m back to explore video games & gender.  Why not anime this time, you may ask?  Because, uh…battleaxe.

I’ve been playing video games for most of my life.  While they provided a beautiful escape, they also shaped much of my ideas about what was male & what was female through my adolescence.  Part of the reason for that is I didn’t have many games that even had women in them, much less had a female protagonist.  & not that many games that were made when I was a kid had female protagonists.  I grew up with fictional, pixelated men.


Back, by Cuchlann’s beard!

And so it was that, following twelve hours of not-quite-but-almost-continuous work, each post’s images were henceforth hosted here, and the survival of Super Fanicom no longer depended entirely upon my income.

Which, incidentally, is a good thing.

Here are some things to expect, to know, and to cherish:

  • Lots of broken links at the moment. I think some of this will go away when the old domain is properly mapped, but I’ll be on the lookout for stragglers. Sorry for the bother in the meantime.
  • Damn near every Super Fanicom tract of yore and quite a few pontif.us screeds can be found here, with a few notable exceptions. Such as all the audio content. And, most unfortunately, the Strike Witches posts — that’ll be a long-term project (had I tried to include them today, I’d be far from done). I actually do still have the raw materials of the eight(?) we never did finish, though…
  • Wonder of wonders, we have post ideas! Or I should say that I have one post “idea” (which…well, you’ll see), and otherwise Cuchlann and I have a few post aspirations. Maybe some video sorts of things. Since the last time we tried audio I’ve procured a better headset and a hard drive that doesn’t lurch violently every three seconds.
  • If your name isn’t on the authors list to the right, rest assured that I’ve credited you for your posts in-text, and probably tried to get you signed up here properly; just shoot me an email with your WordPress.com username if you want that straightened out, and watch for the subsequent invite.

Tired. More anon.

They should have sent a skald!

Thekittymeister took this.

Thekittymeister took this.

Oh yes, for three years ago the beard was born!

(Three years and one day, actually).

In the time since our last gathering together to celebrate, it has been whispered in certain English departments that this beard contains within it the souls of all people alive on this planet — verily, that shaving even one hair would slay a person; one inch, dozens; a goatee would doubtless depopulate a continent.

Neither do I know where its groping, hirsute rampage will end. But those faithful few of us will know it forever beneficent.

Birthday (observed)!

Nay, not my birthday, or that of any of those who write here to entertain you. On the second of this month my beard was two years of age. For those of you who wonder at its celebration, recall that my beard is this site’s mascot.

Below the cut you may gaze upon its splendor, as well as the photo from one year ago illustrating its vigor then, and its increased power into the present day.