Free: Glorious People’s Summer

I’m not sure if you’re watching Free: Endless Summer, the latest barrage in the endless fight against the malevolent bourgeoisie, but you absolutely need to be if you aren’t. It would be irresponsible of you to be watching anything else … anything suspiciously capitalist … anything about the privatization of music and entertainment perhaps …



What does a pyro have to do with a tiny god? More than random fire.

Let me tell you something odd I noticed last summer. It’s about pyros and candy and dreams. But mostly pyros.


We Remember Love is my…opponent? (and other allies)

It's really a fight against yourself.

Let us be clear about this from the outset. A vote (in the, you know) for We Remember Love on Monday is a vote for two posts by me. It’s a vote for two posts by Cuchlann. It’s a vote for dialogues in which lelangir and Shance play considerable parts. It is of course a vote for a whole goddamn lot of posts by Ghostlightning, who has contributed to Super Fanicom posts both thoughtfully imaginative and imaginatively thoughtful. GL comments here often, and WRL is one of the few places I comment with any semi-regularity.

I won’t play the part of the angsty underdog because 1) my enterprise and Ghost’s are pretty well entwined, and 2) owing to Ghost’s considerable skill at writing, forming webs of connections between bloggers, and somehow finding the time to blog while working and having a kid, he deserves the win. He’s invested more into blogging than I have — it’s as simple as that.

Or maybe it isn’t. I have another, somewhat more selfish reason for appreciating Mr. GL.


Assorted Explorations is my honorable opponent!

So I guess it’s time for the anime blog tournament thing? I haven’t been paying much attention, partly due to my schedule and partly because I have mixed feelings about these things. If I may evoke an immortal excuse: it’s not them, it’s me. I’ve never done much in the way of publicity. I’m fascinated when people wind their ways here through unexpected channels. And I really haven’t had time to keep up with the blags, so, for the sake of fairness, I haven’t been voting.

But it’s good to meet new people, right? So I didn’t object when informed that my blog would be thrown into a cage with other blogs and invited to eat their souls or whatever it is blogs do to one another. The whole thing makes me a little uncomfortable, but I agreed to it, I’m complicit. Which I suppose means I should be friendly and write a post about it.

Let’s go about it this way. Prior to about a week ago, I’d never heard of Assorted Explorations. The author has more Twitter followers than me, so maybe you have heard of it. But I figure it’s not enough to have heard of it. This is my monstrous zombie pet blog’s erstwhile rival. Let’s familiarize ourselves with those bits of it that I consider to be pretty good.


You and your fandoms are constructs (and that’s okay!)

Martin wrote a post on K-ON! that may warrant some consideration. This is not a criticism of Martin’s way of doing things; I quite enjoy his Mono no Aware, generally. This is, rather, an examination of certain assumptions in Martin’s post which may apply to many (particularly western) fans, an attempt to reveal these assumptions as cultural constructs, and my best guess at what that implies.



No doubt you’ve encountered the disconnect between art one likes and art one enjoys; I mentioned it myself last Thursday. The basic principle here is that we might like something for its depth and complexity, but not enjoy it on a visceral level, or we might enjoy something viscerally without lauding its inherent structural mastery and societal influence, and of course overlap is frequent. It’s a simple concept, and I think we might benefit from complicating it a little. And when it comes to complicating things, you know I’m always up to the task.