On One’s Perception of Change — in Weebs

So this piece is a little different than my norm, and therefore I worry that it’s painfully self-indulgent and masturbatory. That being said, if nothing else it could act as a kind of primary source document for some of the things contained in it? That’s a question mark because I have no idea. Anyway, my point is, I want to talk about what I’ve noticed about the anime fan zeitgeist in my time within it.



What does a pyro have to do with a tiny god? More than random fire.

Let me tell you something odd I noticed last summer. It’s about pyros and candy and dreams. But mostly pyros.


I am the Very Model of a Modern Major Slenderman: Why I Laugh When Playing Slender: The Eight Pages



On Halloween, a small band of us got together with our flashlights & binkies & played Slender: The Eight Pages.  I’d wanted to try it out for a few weeks, & for some reason, it seemed like a fun group game to me.

If you’re not familiar with the game, you begin the game with the admonition, “Collect all 8 pages.”  You’re armed with a flashlight that you need to conserve, & you can walk or run through the map in the dark, which consists mostly of forest & several landmarks & clearings where the pages can be.  You can’t fight or speak.  Once you pick up a page (or enough time has passed), Slenderman will begin to chase you, & with each successive page you collect, his chase will grow more intense.  If he catches you or you look at him too long, you’ll go insane, & it’s game over.  Sounds like the perfect Halloween game for getting scared, right?


Growing Up in Worlds of Fictional Men


Yeah, I’ll leave it at that.

Many moons ago, I posted about Cardcaptor Sakura & gender.  Now, I’m back to explore video games & gender.  Why not anime this time, you may ask?  Because, uh…battleaxe.

I’ve been playing video games for most of my life.  While they provided a beautiful escape, they also shaped much of my ideas about what was male & what was female through my adolescence.  Part of the reason for that is I didn’t have many games that even had women in them, much less had a female protagonist.  & not that many games that were made when I was a kid had female protagonists.  I grew up with fictional, pixelated men.


We Remember Love is my…opponent? (and other allies)

It's really a fight against yourself.

Let us be clear about this from the outset. A vote (in the, you know) for We Remember Love on Monday is a vote for two posts by me. It’s a vote for two posts by Cuchlann. It’s a vote for dialogues in which lelangir and Shance play considerable parts. It is of course a vote for a whole goddamn lot of posts by Ghostlightning, who has contributed to Super Fanicom posts both thoughtfully imaginative and imaginatively thoughtful. GL comments here often, and WRL is one of the few places I comment with any semi-regularity.

I won’t play the part of the angsty underdog because 1) my enterprise and Ghost’s are pretty well entwined, and 2) owing to Ghost’s considerable skill at writing, forming webs of connections between bloggers, and somehow finding the time to blog while working and having a kid, he deserves the win. He’s invested more into blogging than I have — it’s as simple as that.

Or maybe it isn’t. I have another, somewhat more selfish reason for appreciating Mr. GL.


Assorted Explorations is my honorable opponent!

So I guess it’s time for the anime blog tournament thing? I haven’t been paying much attention, partly due to my schedule and partly because I have mixed feelings about these things. If I may evoke an immortal excuse: it’s not them, it’s me. I’ve never done much in the way of publicity. I’m fascinated when people wind their ways here through unexpected channels. And I really haven’t had time to keep up with the blags, so, for the sake of fairness, I haven’t been voting.

But it’s good to meet new people, right? So I didn’t object when informed that my blog would be thrown into a cage with other blogs and invited to eat their souls or whatever it is blogs do to one another. The whole thing makes me a little uncomfortable, but I agreed to it, I’m complicit. Which I suppose means I should be friendly and write a post about it.

Let’s go about it this way. Prior to about a week ago, I’d never heard of Assorted Explorations. The author has more Twitter followers than me, so maybe you have heard of it. But I figure it’s not enough to have heard of it. This is my monstrous zombie pet blog’s erstwhile rival. Let’s familiarize ourselves with those bits of it that I consider to be pretty good.