Thoughts on re-reading Genshiken and taking a few levels in otaku

A few months ago I took the first volume of Genshiken from my shelf, thinking the series deserved a re-read, and that I’d go through it at my leisure. As of now, I’m somewhere in the middle of the third volume. That’s leisurely enough, I think.

I picked up Genshiken for the first time back when I had only just gotten back into anime, manga, and all related accoutrements after a few years of Japanese pop-cultural drought. And it left quite an impression on me, to be sure, but my experience this time around is a bit different. Consider, for example, that, in terms of sheer hours watched, I’ve seen about twice as much anime now as I had when I finished Genshiken the first time — not to mention that the amount of manga I’ve consumed by now renders the amount I’d read at that point positively pitiful, and, in the greater scheme of things, I still haven’t read nearly as much as quite a lot of people.