Nekocon 11: commercialization and citizen criticism

I’m not much of a con-goer; conventions are expensive, and, having committed myself to the path of the college-dweller, I shall surely be forever poor. But in my infinite kindness, I saw fit to ferry my brother (better known around here as Otouto-kun) and his friend to and from Nekocon, the convention of our eastern Virginia homeland. In my infinite insanity wisdom, I began to compare my designated driver position to that of an Aquan gondolier — I would serve as an existential messenger, ferrying the hopes and dreams of my passengers into unexplored waters.

It, um, didn’t quite work out that way. All I really did was spend too much money (and anyway, my canzone needs a little work). But the conventional goings-on did, at least, prompt me to give thought to a few subjects that might be relevant to your interests.