Super Fanicom and the Crisis of the World-Altering Follicles

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Wrecking Wreck-It Ralph and How NOT to Glorify Videogame Culture

Before you read, just a heads up: This post is a no-holds barred, spoiler-laced discussion about the film. If you haven’t watched the movie yet and you think that spoilers will affect your opinion for it, don’t read this. Otherwise, go right ahead.


I finally got the chance to see Wreck-It Ralph. For those who aren’t in the know, it’s Disney’s not-so-recent movie about the uncanny quest of the titular videogame character to redeem himself, with a (big) handful of destruction as a side dish. The thing is, I watched it under the pretense that it was a videogame geek’s wet dream, that it had a good cast, a good plethora of advertising schemes, and most importantly, a good story that pays homage to the videogame industry.

Boy, I never thought I’d be utterly mistaken.


Neutrality and the Unheard Woes of the Omnifan

This is true, but this is also not true. Do you see the aforementioned sentence as two arguments, or just one?

It has been a long time since I last wrote. The rigorous clacking of keyboard keys and the weaving of ideas that boggle the mind and soul of the Japanese visual media consumer ring faintly in my mind as I stare intently at the blankness that is the Add New Post page. Alas, these thoughts that are constantly swirling my mind are demanding an outlet of protest, for they have been suppressed for far too long.

What am I talking about, exactly? What ails the elusive enigma to the point of unprecedented resurrection? That is, simply being, the dissection of the very existence of the omnifan.


An Open Analysis on Fan Affinities

If we are to notice the amount, the type, and how open we are when it comes to Japanese visual media that we consume, we are to know where we stand. So in an attempt to enlighten readers in a way that encourages them to take a closer look at themselves, me and good friend Pontifus have conducted an excruciating (I mean, really, we had to find a decent amount of time for ourselves just so we can continue this), unadulterated, two-year, tag-team discussion-based analysis based on the defined variables in our otaku fandom equation. All in semi tl;dr glory.


On Cash Points and Video Game Money

I rarely harbor feelings of hate when I play video games. But when I do, I do it with audacity and intensity. So when the concept of incorporating Cash Points in modern gaming came into existence, I was furious. Why, you ask? Because the existence of Cash Points is the most horrific thing to happen in the video game industry.

To know why it’s bad, one must know how it works. Basically, you purchase the points using real world cash, which you can use to unlock rare and powerful items in the game, hence the term. Feeling underpowered with the cheap Longbow you mugged from some random monster? Become a god of archery with this Cash Point-only Super Bow. Fifty inventory slots not enough for you? Purchase fifty more slots using Cash Points. Want to stand out from your guildmates? Get the limited edition Gold Ring.

Now that you know how it works, back to why it’s bad. And it’s bad on a number of reasons: