Super Fanicom and the Crisis of the World-Altering Follicles

To those who don’t know about the site’s unofficially official mascot, The Beard is just that; a mass of facial hair grown to proportions most of you don’t like to see, let alone discuss about. But to us it is the catalyst of mankind and his inner workings. Each strand’s length and tensile strength chronicles humanity’s evolution and its plethora of thought processes, masterfully managed by the blessed man that lets the balance hang in the glorious chin of his face.

But alas, he is not the only one. As much as we try to deny it, the possibility of an alternate Universe, along with its alternate version of humanity, is presented to us. We are faced in the dilemma that we may not be who we think we are, that we may even be a byproduct of the aforementioned alternate reality.

But we are a proud civilization who takes pride in our own achievements and culture, regardless if we are connected or not by the multiverses. And thus, a solution is proposed:

Little did thekittymeister know that by putting a bow on The Beard, she has doomed every human male in the world to be transformed into little girls, who in turn will be recruited by an intergalactic agent hell-bent in preventing the Heat Death of the Universe.

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  1. cuchlann

     /  7 May 2013

    I suppose I should chime in here to point out that the Chair of my department believes each strand of hair in my beard is a human soul, and shaving it would kill all humankind. That’s independent of our online shenanigans, which might lend credence to your ideas.

    Also, I suppose I should post a picture and update some avatars sometime soon.


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